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Why you should choose SerenPS Collapse

The SerenPS administration are highly dedicated to building a successful server and community from the ground up. Our developers are experienced and are dedicated to bringing you the best updates, uptime and everything else that makes a great community. Our development team takes extreme consideration into every suggestion each member of our community makes. We are constantly updating our game to best suit what the players want, whether it's Player vs. Monster, Player vs. Player, or skilling, we have it!

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About: Ironman Mode

Ironman Mode is available within SerenPS, you will be asked whether you would like to be an Iron Man at the end of the starting tutorial, Ironman have the following restrictions:

  • Unable to be attacked or attack other players
  • Unable to Trade or use the Duel Arena
  • Unable to redeem voting tickets (however you will gain voting points)
  • Pick up items dropped by other players
  • Unable to pick up items when visible for everyone. Ironmen have the following icon when they talk